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Faith over Fear. (2020 too?) No it's 2022!

Happy New Year -- it's our first blog post of 2022!!! Grab some tea, coffee, or champagne (no judgements)...this shall be a good one!

Faith over Fear --- which one is winning at this point?

Approximately 30,000 thousand miles in the air, sitting window seat, headed to visit my family for the holidays is when time allowed my thoughts to conceptualize into words. It has been a while since we have connected in a blog forum, but I have been longing to speak to you guys. The subject "Faith over Fear" has been living in my brain for quite some time, as my own personal reminder, but I have been pushed to write and share with you all, as well. You know how we connect on real LIFE. It may get personal, but I promise you will see yourself in these words.

Let's take it back to 2021 for a while -- last year was a conglomerate of victories, losses, joy, and/or pain in a melting pot of a calendar year. However, as weird as it sounds I feel STRONGER & WISER. By the time this blog is published I hope it meets you in a hopeful, optimistic, and FEARLESS spirit.

I felt a personal shift, or let's call it a transition to switch it up a bit or turn it up a notch. I felt this way regarding every area of my life; physically, mentally, spiritually, and last but certainly not least professionally. This feeling didn't start during the pandemic, but it heightened during the pandemic. The ironic point was I didn't necessarily know exactly where I was shifting 'to'. I only knew I felt moved to get out of my comfort zone. (Sigh - who wants to do that??) I can now say FEAR had me second-guessing and double backing for some time.

We often hear people state, they were FEARLESS when they accomplished a milestone. My perspective is that sometimes you have to DO IT afraid. Your fear may not dissipate into fairy dust when it's time to make a life-altering decision. Chances are it will still be there and probably more ugly and louder than before.

It's so easy to say Faith over Fear when things are all peachy. How easy of a task is it when things don't align the way you expect them to do so? How do you move when you are fearful? How do you shift your perspective to be solution-oriented?

As you may have found yourself working through your transitions over the past year(s) -- don't get weary or give into fear. Even if you are afraid, assess your options, and trust that you are equipped with what you need to make sound decisions. Here are a few practical reminders/steps that helped me to quiet Fear and transition from a federal government contractor to an engineer in the commercial industry. I did it!

  • Get aligned with your Source.

  • Create a list of short term actions its takes to reach your new goals. If it's not written down, it's not REAL.

  • Trust that you are capable of making sound decisions.

  • Believe that there are no mistakes, only re-direction.

  • Contact people that are doing what you want to do in the future. Pick their brain.

  • Don't expect free game. Be a diligent learner.

  • Connect with "your" solution-oriented circle. More solutions and less opinions.

  • Don't be married to the steps, but married to the final destination.

  • Free self of wanting to do it "your" way.

CHEERS to turning it up a notch in 2022 (not 2o20 too) and give yourself grace in wherever you stand in your journey of BECOMING an improved you.

As always ...#BeEmpowered #BeConnected #BeNext

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