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Transition Periods...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Transition (n) - the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another

Throughout our academia or professional timeline (actually LIFE in general), we will have countless moments in time where we must transition from one destination to another. Are you transitioning from being a full-time student to a working professional? Are you transitioning to start a new career altogether? Whatever that transition could be, don't complicate it!!! Trust ME, I'm speaking to myself here, as well. This is an area that I struggle with.

Life is great when it's comfortable, when we have a great momentum going, then BOOM you are hit with a new change and you must adjust accordingly. Remember, all transition periods aren't planned. The unplanned transitions are usually the most uncomfortable. In my case, I normally think about matters in "high-level" milestones/objectives, therefore I'm not always married to a set of detailed steps to complete it. I'm usually flexible in terms of the details, which leaves a lot of room to THINK. So personally, transition periods can honestly be OVERWHELMING. I get stuck and play that horrible "What If?" game.

Many questions arise during those transition periods that aren't really productive...

--What if I take this new position and hate it?

--What if I'm really not happy in that work environment ?

--Is the money really worth it?

--Maybe I should just stay comfortable?

--Is this really what I want to do?

--Am I settling?

Overthinking the endless possibilities, whether good or bad can actually talk yourself out of your best decisions.

Below are a few methods I am actively putting in place as I find myself in a transition period currently, yes I'm always a work in progress...

--Accepting change quicker, especially if its inevitable

--Making a pros/cons list, but keeping it SHORT. Don't derail.

--Understanding that transition will stretch you and you will always come out stronger and learning more than you did before

--Take a step back and refocus on the positive

Ultimately, transition periods shouldn't be viewed as a negative. It is all about your perspective. Just like many things in life, right? So when you find yourself in a transition period sooner or later, even if gets uncomfortable...remember to make that leap and apply pressure. Keep soaring!


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