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When procrastination emerges...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

"Just Do It...Tomorrow." I'm sure most of us have said this time and time again.

What is your biggest hinderance? What is the one blocker that you could remove and feel like you can conquer the world?

Personally, "procrastination" is top on my list. As I reflect, procrastination has always been a blocker for me. Honestly, I think I perform best under pressure; which I'm sure most may feel that way. On the other hand, that same notion has probably been an excuse throughout the years to continue to finesse at the last minute. That mentality may not be the best game plan in every scenario. It can lead to more stress, less time, and hasty decisions.

Can you eliminate procrastination in every instance, maybe not? We can be honest and realistic with ourselves.

However, there isn't anything wrong with improvements...right? I'm actively working on building more discipline, so that procrastination is less of a factor going forward.

Below are a few strategic steps that I'm putting to use, not groundbreaking at all, but we can all work on enforcing these actions for a better outcome:

--Find an accountability partner

--Have clarity for what needs to be accomplished sooner than later

--Knock out short term tasks first. Then, work off long term tasks.

--Schedule calendar alarms to remind you to stay focus

--Focus. The moments you have down time or are strolling social media -- stop and work on a productive task

--Maintain a "doer" mindset

Procrastination is inevitable at some point in time -- however, lets continue to progress in this area. Just thinking about how much time I could save if I did things ahead time...makes me eager to improve. Hopefully, you all found a nugget to decrease that procrastination bug, as well!

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