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New Year. Same Goals...

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Happy Twenty - Nineteen!

As always, the promise of a new year brings new hope, new starts, and a new beginning. Often times a "new year" can be misleading. Yes, of course it is a new calendar year. However, the feeling of what a "new year" represents can leave you a bit unsettled. Unsettled with the same job, same career path, or unsettled in YOUR view of your progress.

This is a reminder that the road to achieving those goals isn't always an upward street. Progress can feel so stagnant at times. The key is remembering that you aren't at the same place as you were yesterday, something has changed, and any progress should be recognized.

  • Perhaps you completed five applications yesterday, and not your normal two applications per day

  • Perhaps you scheduled a meeting with your manager to discuss your career path, a discussion you have deferred the previous year

  • Perhaps you decided to retake a course to increase your GPA this year

  • Perhaps your goals are the same as the previous year, and your methods to achieve them have changed

  • Perhaps you have new goals in mind

Progress looks different to everyone, normally the person in the race doesn't have the best view. It is not always an upward course, sometimes you take two steps back to take three steps forward. Rest assure that you will reach your desired destination.

Keep striving.

Stay motivated.

Knock down every door that you encounter.

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